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IT Professional Services

FortySeven is a European based ITprofessional services and outsourcingcompany. We provide highly educated ITspecialists with various expertise and skills.We are providing services mainly inregulated industries and help ourcustomers to develop complex softwaresolutions.

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FortySeven Response to COVID-19

pc实力群 To meet the global challenge of COVID-19, the world must come together. FortySeven has the expertise to help your business efficiently went through a global crisis.

About Us

FortySeven, founded in 2006, is one of the most prominent software development service providers in the IT industry.

Scalable Software Engineering

pc实力群FortySeven provides high standard of software development services for our global clients spanning a wide range of industries.

Advanced Methodologies

pc实力群FortySeven’ developers and teams use advanced technologies and implement many years of expertise to customize services for our customers' needs.

Adjustable Engagement Models

FortySeven offers flexible developers to meet your divergent needs and create a positive impact on their rapidly evolving business.

Deep Technology Expertise

pc实力群FortySeven’ industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 40+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your needs and devise effective automation tool concepts.


pc实力群Highly Educated Employees


Successfully Completed Projects


pc实力群Fields of Expertise


pc实力群Years Experience of Global IT Outsourcing

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What We Do?

Development Services

FortySeven' development process allows us to create software faster, and cost efficiently. Strong team collaboration with our clients enables us to enhance security, code quality and stability of our products. Over 12 years of developing: Enterprise systems, eCommerce, Industry specific business solutions and ect.

Outsourcing and Oustaffing

We provide the ability to hire great professionals without having to pay high price and taxes. You receive the full control over the software development process. You can always make changes, it’s significant flexibility in increasing or decreasing the number of dedicated employees you hire.

Audit Services

We deliver high-quality audit services to assist your needs and help you in achieving business objectives as well as improving business performance. Our approach focuses on understanding your global business.

Consulting Services

FortySeven' approach to consulting services is based on practice and result implementation that move your business forward and make it possible to scale up. We develop the most effective course of action and the technology solution that accelerate your strategy.

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pc实力群Our services:

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Why Choose Us?

Expertise We Provide

12+ Industries

pc实力群Every business is unique, and challenging. To make benefit from any challenge, you need a trustful technical partner. At FortySeven we develop comprehensive solutions that streamline processes, accelerate growth, and maximize your profits.

Consumer Goods

High Tech


pc实力群Public Services

pc实力群Information Security

Automation and Robotics

Enterprise Applications

pc实力群Banking and Fintech

pc实力群Oil, Gas & Energy

Communication and Media

40+ Expertise

pc实力群For the past decades, our team has successfully completed various comprehensive projects. We have vast experience working with clients from startups to INC 500 companies.

ETRM Software


Trayport Integration

SAP Integration

Robotic Process Automation

Business Process Discovery

ERP Software Development

PCI DSS Certification Pass

Technologies We Use

FortySeven’ specialists have a vast expertise of technologies and can develop complex solutions. We examine customers’ products’ objectives and suggest the best solution in terms of flexibility and functionality. FortySeven provides opportunities to scale and execute projects fast. Our pool of IT specialists has different IT skills. We cover the most popular areas and technologies in software development, such as:

and more...

How We Work


Contact us, share your ideas and expectations. Remember, that we have all the necessary tools to bring meaningful change in your project.


According to your requirements and business objectives, we’ll define the fundamental plan and suggest the number of professionals with the current expertise, you are looking for.


Together we discuss the details and choose the best engagement model, so that you’ll have the total control over project from start to finish. We work closely to create synergy, applying our benefits of personalization, scalability and cost-effectiveness.


Full control over Intellectual Property Rights

Deep business and technology expertise

Up to 24-hours management supply according to chosen engagement model

Full participation and control over the whole development process.

Successful outcome and business augmentation.

Cooperation Models

We have defined each framework with one sincere belief that an engagement model is what that defines a successful collaboration between you and us. Nevertheless of chosen model, you will have the total control, transparency and flexibility over delivery and the budget during the whole development process.

Project Based

This approach doesn’t give the flexibility to you, but it can be used by government or other companies, corporations, individuals if the requirements are clearly defined and all the specifications of the project are known in advance. The involvement of the customer is limited. During the development process, the requirements can’t be changed, any changes will lead to additional fees and make the price of the project not fixed anymore.

Most suitable for small-size projects.

Based under the Waterfall approach.

Strict rules on the specification changes.

Used for projects when all software requirements specifications are clear and predefined.

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Outsourcing Time and Materials

This model is based on the rapidly evolving business and technology world. You are able to make changes on the go and pay for the time the development team spends actually working on your product. We will provide you with pre discussed amount of software engineers and IT specialists required for realization of your project of any size. Each iteration is planned together with you before its implementation, that gives you total control over the deliverables and the budget.

Well-adapted to various kinds of projects from small MVP to complex software engineering solutions.

Full participation and control over the whole development process.

Flexibility on your side, you are able to make changes on the go.

Based on Agile approach, Scrum, Kanban or other methodology can be used.

Choose if the time-to-market is important for you.

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Dedicated Development Team

This cooperation model allows companies, corporations or individuals to augment their software development capacities. You get the access to human resources like software engineering specialists, devops, QA engineers, technical writers, designers, project managers etc. who will work on your project using your software tools and selected methodology. Our IT specialists can work in synergy with your existing IT department.

Full Intellectual Property Rights every month.

Highly educated employees.

Multi language software engineering and management teams.

ISO 9001:2015 on Quality management systems.

ISO 27001:2013 on Information security management system.

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